Ridgeway man dies of gunshot wounds

RIDGEWAY – When Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a gunshot victim on Jewel Drive in Ridgeway on Sunday, Dec. 6, they entered a residence and found Christopher Antonio Curbeam, 49, lying on his back. The woman who reported the incident was kneeling over him with blood on her face and hands, the sheriff’s report stated. Deputies said the woman told then she had been attempting to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to the victim.

Deputies cleared the residence and escorted the woman outside.

The victim appeared to have at least one gunshot wound to the chest, and when EMS personnel arrived, they confirmed that the Curbeam was deceased, the report stated.

Deputies reported damage to televisions and to a bedroom door as well as what appeared to be a gunshot hole in the wall above where the victim was lying.

The woman was escorted to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s office for questioning. She was later turned over to the Chester County Sheriff who arrested her on unrelated charges.

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s office continues to investigate the incident.

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