Belton charged in drive-by shooting

WINNSBORO – A Winnsboro woman was arrested last week for assault.


Chabria M. Belton, 26, was charged in a drive-by shooting at the Evans Knoll apartments on West Moultrie Street in Winnsboro. No one was injured in the incident, according to the responding officer’s report, but a bullet hit a car traveling down West Moultrie, causing a tire to blow out.

The incident started when a witness reported someone in a gray Kia turning into the Evans Knoll apartments about 3:48 p.m., on Thursday, Jan. 14, with someone brandishing a gun from the driver’s side window, then shooting down W. Moultrie Street in the direction of the Town Hall Annex.

As officers were collecting over a dozen shell casings in the apartment building parking lot, a Winnsboro resident who had returned to her home after driving down West Moultrie, discovered that her front left fender had a bullet hole and her front left tire was blown out and reported it to the Winnsboro Public Safety Department.

A resident at the Evans Knoll apartment recognized the Kia as a vehicle that belonged to someone in the apartments, sources said. Officers spotted the car later that day and took Belton into custody.

Belton was released from the detention center on a $10,000 bond.

“This was a totally senseless act, discharging a firearm into a populated area with cars passing by. It was a very dangerous situation,” WDPS Chief John Seibles said. “We have to do a better job getting guns out of the hands of young folks. They’re carrying guns illegally and seem to have no regard for life. I want them to know that we are going to step up our game to stop this and protect our citizens. Someone reckless and foolish like this can take someone’s life.” he said.

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