Guest Editorial: What will it cost Fairfield County to lose Jason Taylor?

“Losing your best people means losing your reliable winners, your constant innovators and your most effective problem solvers”, says People Keep.   Controversial exits can lead to a break down in team morale and could mean the loss of customer relationships.  It could also threaten your brand and further jeopardize sensitive negotiations with potential businesses and industry prospects.  An unwarranted loss of a talented professional employee could simply be saying, “You just lost your future”, according to Gallup.

In an article in the January 28, 2021 issue of The Voice, Jason Taylor is credited with bringing more than 1,000 jobs, six new industries and $70 million in investment to the county.  “We’ve accomplished more this year and last year than we have in the previous ten”, Former County Council Chairman Neil Robinson said.

According to the Workers Institute 2017 Retention Report, it can cost 33% of the annual salary to hire a replacement.  Based on Taylor’s annual salary of $129,300, the county could expect to spend approximately $42,700.  In a June 2020 article, Employee Retention-The Real Cost of Losing an Employee by Christina Merher, it could cost as much as 213% for a highly educated executive position.  For example:  a $100,000 salary could cost $213,000.

Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte breaks down key factors that contribute to the costs of losing an employee:

Cost of hiring, including advertising, interviewing, screening and hiring.

Cost of onboarding a new person, including training and management time.

Lost productivity – it can take up to one to two years to reach the productivity of an existing person.

Customer service and errors – for example, new employees take longer and are often less adept at problem solving.

Training Cost

Cultural impact – whenever someone leaves, others take time to ask why.

Fairfield County has made great strides to create economic opportunities for its citizens through the County Council working closely with the professional expertise of Jason Taylor.  Based on Taylor’s past accomplishments, evaluations and knowledge, it is incumbent that Taylor should be retained and given a vote of confidence by extending his contract to a minimum of one year or longer.

Future investment requires Fairfield County continue to have competent and visionary leadership.  Fairfield County cannot afford to lose Jason Taylor.

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