Letter: Can You Beef Up Agendas?

For the third straight month, the Fairfield County Council failed to address any issue that has a significant impact on the health, welfare and quality of life for its citizens.

This lack of forward inertia is most puzzling. The citizens of Fairfield County are keenly aware that infrastructure, jobs, small business growth, blight, recreation and health care, are among the pressing issues which the county needs to address. The meeting agendas, however, are not seriously addressing those issues.

It’s not like there isn’t a ton of material to provide constructive paths forward, besides personal observations. In fact, the council has a plethora of documented recommendations to work from, including two consultant-crafted strategic plans on the county web page, previous CMCOG plans, Jason’s and the previous council’s long term plan, and county health rankings (https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/)

Perhaps, the next meeting will bring the hope of progress. 

Also, the meeting was held in a safe environment, and no one was forced to attend. Councilmen Gilbert, Robinson and Pauley voted for freedom and science that would allow the public to attend like the Winnsboro, Ridgeway and Blythewood councils do.

Randy Bright


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