Letter: Keep Mr. Taylor

This letter is to ask council to extend our County Administrator’s contract for more than five months.

I have watched with pride the many positive developments occurring county-wide recently through Mr. Taylor. As more industry and manufacturing companies have come to Fairfield through Mr. Taylor and his team’s efforts, more jobs have become available, unemployment has decreased and the standard of living has increased for many.

I am sure those who have gained employment at MLily, Element, Sea Pro Boats, Black Box & Associates, Providence Health ER, and others are grateful for the opportunities. People can now live here, spend their paychecks and pay their taxes here, and make Fairfield County a better place to live.

We need Mr. Taylor’s current team to stay in place, continue to work with these new companies and recruit more. The relationship between town and county officials has improved during the last years with joint successful projects – the product of good leadership.

The past successes of Mr. Taylor and his team have made County Council look good – have made you four council majority look good.

However, relocating companies that might have considered investing in Fairfield County might now be hesitant. I am sure you four would not want responsibility for that.

My love and devotion to Fairfield County is evident. Based on Mr. Taylor’s list of accomplishments since becoming our County Administrator, it concerns me that you extended his contract for only five months. The industries, businesses and residents could end up suffering from your decision.

Please reconsider and extend Mr. Taylor’s contract so he and his team can help Fairfield County grow stronger. The future will be brighter for all in this beloved county. We will all win, including our council and Mr. Taylor and his team, if they continue to bring more jobs and a better lifestyle, etc. – and you, County Council members, will have done a great job in making that happen.

Esther Jennings Baughman


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