Letter: County paid Bell $252/mo. to drive to meetings

The council majority of 4 are all about their best interest, not the citizens’ best interest.

What could possibly justify Chairmen Moses Bell charging the county $42 each time he comes to a county council meeting – a meeting that the county already pays him $18,000 a year to attend.

Some weeks, Mr. Bell charges the county for as much as six trips a week. That amounts to $252 for the week.

How many people get paid to drive to a job they are already getting paid for. And when he or Mr. Trapp pipes up and says, “That’s what we’re allowed to charge,” don’t forget that they are the ones who made the rule to allow that…and they have the power to change it.

Mr. Trapp charges $32 each trip to council meetings, but then, he doesn’t show up that much so his travel bill is not as large as Mr. Bell’s. But, then, his absences are a different story for another time.

When you see these council members please ask them if they think they should be reimbursing themselves for traveling to meetings that they are already well paid to attend.

In addition to this travel income, Bell and Trapp and others on council also get reimbursement for their internet service provider – the same ones they always had and still have except now we are paying them for having it. Why? Well, it’s the same reason they get reimbursed for the monthly cost of their cell phones. Because they’re allowed to. So all of sudden they can get paid for what they were paying for all the years prior.

Not only are Bell and Trap ruling the county with absolutely no checks and balances, but they hit another jackpot as well. They voted to allow themselves to take $20,000 from the county till for a newsletter that is little more than a campaign ploy. Unbelievable

If you’re happy with these council members, keep voting for them! If you are not, let them know you think their behavior is unethical and immoral. Then vote them out of office.

Jeff Schaeffer


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