Doko Meadows Park rules revised to allow children of all ages

BLYTHEWOOD – As the original rules for the use of the park and Manor were adopted in 2017, the use of these facilities has grown, making security a critical issue, Town Administrator Carroll Williamson told council at Monday night’s council meeting.

To that end, the rules are being updated and adopted, Williams said, to ensure that they reflect the best interest of the park and those who enjoy it.

Most of the changes have to do with what park visitors are allowed and not allowed to do in regard to fishing, swimming, grilling, bringing dogs to the park, noise, trash disposal, the use of fireworks, firearms and other weapons. The new rules also address peddling, parking, hunting, alcoholic beverages, driving, and the protection of the grounds and facilities.

A controversial item on the list of do’s and don’ts concerned the age of children who use the playground.

The first reading stated that: “The playground is designed for ages five to 12 years of age. Children over 12 are prohibited.”

That stipulation restricting children of certain ages was removed Monday night.

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