Letter: Teacher Village Questions

The Dominion Settlement with the county included $2.2 million for a Teacher’s Village. But the settlement doesn’t answer the big questions. Here are a few for starters.

  1. Will the settlement allotment cover everything including infrastructure, landscaping, insurance, etc?
  2. What guarantees will be in place to shield the already over-burdened Fairfield taxpayer from cost overruns?
  3. Who will manage the construction project, including design, bidding and planning?
  4. Will the units be sold to a private company? Who will oversee the private company? What safeguards and restrictions will be placed on any private landlord?
  5. What are the qualifications to be eligible for residency?
  6. What happens if the vacancies cannot be filled by qualified renters/owners?
  7. Will the units be rented or eligible for purchase?
  8. What will be the rent/price structure be?
  9. Will the State’s CERRA program provide partial rent subsidies? 
  10. Who will be responsible for collecting the rent/mortgage?
  11. Who will be responsible for maintenance of the grounds and buildings?
  12. What size will the units be?
  13. How much open space will be allotted?
  14. What safeguards will be in place to protect the county against lawsuits from rejected private builders complaining about unfair competition, from rejected resident applicants, etc.?
  15. Would current teachers get first dibs in the units based on length of service?

Randy Bright


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