ARP Funds Not Fairly Distributed

During the year of 2020, and at the height of the pandemic I worked for the Fairfield County Recreation Department. My fellow coworkers and I worked the whole year, rain or shine to keep the parks in our county well kept. We missed approximately 2 weeks out of the whole year due to stay at home orders, but never missed any other days.

Most of the year we were working at 50 percent capacity due to our regular trustees being kept in to avoid the spread of the virus. At that time we were considered “essential workers” and did our part to maintain our county parks.

We know Mr. Bell has forgotten us also, but he apparently hasn’t left himself out of the possible benefit of the ARP funds.

I totally support the first responders, Sheriff’s department, fire protection and all other actual essential employees who risked their lives during this time. I do not believe in giving bonuses to elected officials who are protected and isolated from the outside world.

My respect goes to the three council members who continue to fight for what’s right even when the odds are against them. Maybe someone from the state level needs to step in and check how fair and legal our practices really are.

Joe Novaro


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