Letter: It’s not cute!

Sometimes it requires a little insight to recognize a mistake.

And other times it is so blatantly obvious what’s going on that it makes your blood boil.

We, that is you, and I, have voted for council members in this community who have hoodwinked us.

And now we are stuck with them. They vote in unison on nothing for the citizens and everything for themselves.  They even voted to illegally give themselves a big slice of the American Rescue fund even though those funds were meant for others, not them. Five of them – Council Chair Moses Bell and Council members Shirley Greene, Michael Trapp, Tim Roseborough and Neil Robinson.

Is it too much to ask to have the majority of elected officials listen to the outcries from the public who come to the podium and beg them to govern with sincerity.

They are now trying to skim unfinished ordinances and unidentified agenda items past us. Fortunately there are a number of astute members of the community who are catching these council members red-handed.

One ordinance after another, without details such as where the property is located, are appearing on the agendas. When questioned about that at Monday night’s council meeting, at least two members, Mr. Roseborough and Mr. Trapp snickered and smirked openly, as if they thought they were being cute. And there is nothing you can do about it.  They are elected officials! They know they’ve got the best of us right now.

They are spending millions of dollars on statues and mini-parks that no one will use instead of on full-time paid firefighters that the county so desperately needs. People’s properties are burning down and lives are being risked because we do not have sufficient fire personnel and equipment to go across many mile to structure fires quickly enough.

Why can’t these 5 majority council members see that! It’s not cute and not something to smirk about.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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