Letter: The Forgotten 58

After asking for information from the Fairfield County Human Resources department, I received the number I was looking for. I was told that 58 full time employees had left the County’s employment between January 1, 2021 and October 31, 2021. I believe with a high probability all of which did not receive their fair share of the ARP funding. They received no thank yous, no phone calls, and the 58 were not mentioned in any of the recent meetings (which seemed to be a waste of the tax payer’s time). The idea of having “Leaders” of the community (not all members are actual leaders) who take no pride at all in helping the majority of the citizens is unacceptable. When they can’t even distribute government money fairly, they have no right to be in their positions. With that said, I will not stop investigating this poor decision until the past employees who served their county during the pandemic in 2021 are compensated. Since the council has a track record of wasteful spending on unneeded projects and making other questionable decisions, maybe if they try to correct this mistake, it will let the community see they are capable of doing the right thing.

Here are some suggestions on where to get the funds: a lemonade stand, yard sale, car wash, or even selling plasma…I really don’t care.

Make It Right

Joe Novaro

Fairfield County


  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    I cannot speak for anyone but myself. But it’s a damn shame that the county council is in power until election time they are doing nothing but damaging the counties already smeared and smudged name.. and there is no one at the current position to change the course of the ship

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