Hoof & Paw make three donations to Fairfield shelter

Vice president Terri Daughtry, rescue coordinator and volunteer Samira Yaghi, director of Animal Control Bob Innes and Hoof & Paw president Kathy Faulk. | Martha Ladd

WINNSBORO – The Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society made three donations to the Fairfield County Animal Shelter on Tuesday.

The first donation was made to help the shelter provide spay/neuter service for the shelter animals. 

“This will help facilitate rescue commitments to get as many of these animals as possible out of the shelter and into forever homes,” said Hoof & Paw’s President Kathy Faulk. “Every spay/neuter helps to control the overpopulation of unwanted animal.”

The second donation is for heartworm treatment for heartworm positive dogs. 

“Most of the time, rescue organizations are not financially able to commit to a heartworm positive dog, especially if the dog is going into a northern rescue situation where they must be negative to be accepted,” Hoof & Paw vice president Terri Daughtry said. “Northern states do not have the problem the south has with heartworm disease, and they want to keep it that way! It is crucial for a shelter to have a heartworm treatment program in place.” 

The third donation is to establish a spay/neuter voucher program for the Fairfield community.

“We are very excited to make possible this program,” Faulk said. “It will be provided on a first come-first served basis and will be limited to one animal per household for now. It will not begin until April,” Faulk said, “so wait until then to call the shelter for an appointment. We are very hopeful this will be a big success.”

“One of the challenges in providing a voucher program like this will be securing a veterinarian to provide the surgeries,” Faulk said.

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