Letter: Wait! How is this Council Operating?

If anyone cares to understand the function of the Fairfield County Council, let me enlighten you. After reading the last article in the Voice, I became nauseated thinking about how the Council operates. On one hand you have the new Administrator looking for delinquent monies from the city of Winnsboro and on the other hand you have the 5 Members of the Apocalypse voting for a 2.5 million dollar Recreation Center in Mr. Bells neighborhood (I bet his name goes on the plaque at the opening ceremonies).

Now, if this was a company/business, all investments would have to be approved by a CEO or a Board of Directors. Not a bunch of locals looking to help out a few friends for future favors. If the money spent did not generate funds to be self-supporting then we, the taxpayers, are paying for utilities, manpower, maintenance, landscaping and so on, forever. A great point was made about the limited use of the existing Recreation Centers. We are paying for a few people to enjoy indoor walking, exercising and rentals. The county spends more money for up-keep on these existing centers than they are worth. I should know, I spent 3 1/2 years maintaining 19 locations in the Parks and Rec Department.

Last year, I found out that the ARP funds were not given out fairly, then the announcement came that volunteer poll workers received money from the county funds at the amount of $200.00 each. Now we are looking to build a multi- million dollar recreation center instead of investing in Fire, Police, and Emergency Services. Wasting our money does not impress anyone with common sense.

I have every intention to continue to investigate the secret mission that is going on which is to  waste taxpayers money and benefit a select few. I have begun to contact State and Federal agencies for insight into this mess.

Also the “Forgotten 58” are still waiting for their checks, maybe you can make the restrooms in the new Rec Center smaller so you will have the funds.

This isn’t over!

Joe Novaro


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