Taylor: NO water advisory has been issued for Blythewood

WINNSBORO – Rumors have spread across Blythewood Saturday morning that there is a Winnsboro water advisory for the Blythewood customers.

However, Winnsboro Town Manager Jason Taylor informed The Voice about 11 a.m., Saturday morning that there is no health hazard associated with the sediment residents are currently seeing in their water.

“We encourage people to run their lines a little while and run that sediment out, and the water should clear up. There is no need to boil the water or take other precautions. No water advisory has been issued. The water is fine to drink,” Taylor said.

“I just got off the phone with the water operator and everything is fine,” he said. “We had a break at one of our large customers on Highway 34 late on Thursday. They lost approximately three million gallons through their fire suppression system. We went down to shut their system off to keep them from continuing to loose water.

“When that three million gallons went through our system, it basically flushed our system. That’s not a bad thing. We flush our system on a regular basis,” Taylor said. “But the break caused an unexpected, very quick flushing of our system which caused sediment in the lines to be stirred up

“That sediment is what residents are seeing in their water right now.” Taylor said, “But it is not dangerous. If residents will let the water run a little while, it will clear up.”

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