Letter: Guidelines for Members of County Council

Let’s talk about the Fairfield County Council. Most of them do not belong in their positions of so-called “authority”. Just because they follow Parliamentary Procedure to run the meetings, has no bearing on their lack of compassion for the community or shows them as having any common sense when making important long range plans. These decisions will affect our financial well-being in higher taxes long after they leave the council. (I can hardly wait!) Poor planning on their part and basing their “pie in the sky” plans that only benefit family and close friends has to stop.

After venting in many articles about wasted spending and the “Forgotten 58” getting cheated out of ARP funds (possibly $69,600), I have decided to come up with a new set of guidelines for “future County Council members”, that want to follow in the Apocalypse 5’s footsteps.

  1. Do not listen to the majority of residents in your district. Just do what a few close friends or powerful people want. They know what is best for everyone.
  2. When someone is speaking on an important subject from the podium or another council member is talking, roll your eyes and rock back and forth in your chair to show how bored you are with what is going on.
  3. Make sure you enjoy spending taxpayers money like there is no tomorrow. Knowing that when tomorrow does comes, you and your fellow council members will have been responsible for the complete financial destruction of Fairfield County. (for example: no businesses, less churches, more people moving away, BUT we will have multimillion dollar recreation centers for surrounding counties to enjoy)
  4. Do not have any type of conscience. Make sure to not express any regret over your idiotic decisions, and do not go back and correct your mistakes. (as that would be the right thing to do)
  5. Lastly, make sure you know you are better than everyone else. Use big words that many people do not understand. Cater to only a select few, so in your arrogant self-centered brain you can believe you are doing good. Make sure to be unethical, immoral, and break the rules set forth in the County Council by-laws since that is what you are supposed to do as a county council member.

Keep telling yourself- ‘I am a Fairfield County Council Member. I know what to do and am always right!’

We are still waiting for our checks from the ARP funds, now with interest!

Joe Novaro


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