Letter: Kudos to the Walking Club!

I am a Boyscout in Blythewood with Troop #224.

I read the article in The Voice about the lady who was looking to meet people and get exercise. I think starting the Blythewood walking club was a great idea because when you have someone to walk with, it makes the time go by so much faster because you are talking with them while you are walking.  It also helps you become healthier.  The group can also motivate each other to walk when someone does not feel like walking.  When more and more people join the walking club, they will become healthier, and they will also have more friends.

I wanted to share my opinion about the walking club with you. Maybe there will be more clubs added in Blythewood.

I hope you have a good summer.

Blake Eyers

Blythewood Boyscout Troop #224

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