Letter: Weaver for School Choice

I am co-founder of a public charter school, a public-school product myself, and a parent of three school-age children, one who is homeschooled, one who attends an online virtual school, and one who attends a private school.

We all know how important school choice in South Carolina is. In the Republican primary runoff for State Superintendent of Education, Ellen Weaver is the only candidate who is for school choice.

With the issues happening on the Richland 2 school board and the violence in the local schools of late, every parent regardless of their income or zip code should be able to use their portion of education dollars to attend the school of their choice; if that is Blythewood High School, Midlands STEM Institute, Richard Winn or any other public, private, or public charter school.

Ellen Weaver has been a leader in the school choice movement for over a decade.  She has led in this arena as the Co-Founder and President of Palmetto Promise Institute, a conservative think tank located in Columbia.  Her efforts have directly led to the expansion of the public charter school options throughout South Carolina. 

Ellen is a public school and homeschool product and is in favor of homeschooling and improving traditional public schools which include improving teacher pay and reducing public school administration positions, so more money goes into the classroom to enrich the learning of the students of our state.

Finally, Ellen Weaver served on the Education Oversight Committee when she was appointed by Governor Henry McMaster and worked on policies to improve South Carolina’s failing education system.

Ellen Weaver’s opponent Kathy Maness has run a campaign full of mistruths and deception. Maness has been leading the South Carolina Teachers Association for years and has a history of support from Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former SC Democratic Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Mandy Powers Norrell, and Columbia Democratic Mayoral candidate Tameika Isaac Devine.  Maness donated to the campaign of Devine three times even when she ran against the current Columbia Mayor, Republican Daniel Rickenmann. Maness actually endorsed Devine for Mayor.

With that record, Maness should have run in the Democratic primary for Superintendent of Education.

Ellen Weaver is the clear choice for Republicans in the “Republican” primary runoff for Superintendent of Education. Early voting will be held on June 22-24.

 It is your duty to make it a priority to vote for Ellen Weaver for State Superintendent of Education on June 28.

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