Manage energy during summer heat

CAYCE –  As the arrival of summer brings higher temperatures and higher energy usage, Dominion Energy offers tips to help conserve energy while keeping your home as cool as possible.

“When dealing with extremely hot temperatures, we recommend starting at the thermostat,” said Ginger Greenway, energy conservation program manager for Dominion Energy South Carolina. “As much as 50% of a customer’s annual energy costs come from heating and cooling. Along with adjusting the thermostat, we encourage using fans and closing blinds and curtains during the hottest parts of the day. We recommend focusing on ways to keep your home cool without overusing your air conditioning unit to avoid higher energy bills.”

Follow these five simple energy-saving tips to help manage cooling costs:

  1. Set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. Each degree lower can significantly increase your cooling costs in the summer. Save even more by raising the thermostat higher when away from home. A smart thermostat can automatically increase the temperature to maximize savings.
  2. Use fans to help cool your home. Using a fan (ceiling fan, box fan, oscillating fan) while increasing the thermostat can lower air conditioning costs over the course of the cooling season.
  3. Adjust drapes and blinds according to the time of day. Keep out heat from the sun by closing blinds and curtains during the day.
  4. Weather-strip doors and caulk around seams, cracks and openings to keep the hot air out. Reduce air leakage by checking for ductwork leaks or tears. Repair fallen or crushed ductwork to seal leaks. Insulate ductwork that passes through spaces that are not air conditioned.
  5. Check heating and air conditioning filters regularly. Dirty filters not only increase energy usage, they can also damage an HVAC system.

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