Letter: Still Waiting for the Money

The infection is growing at the Fairfield County Council. For months I have seen the same results come out of their meetings. The vote is almost always 5 to 2 on every unusually ignorant spending. They are accused of having secret phone meetings, deliberately leaving out non-agreeing council members. In the meetings they disrespect the members who are trying to be fair and send the county in the right direction.

The Chairman and his sidekick are constantly whispering to each other like 2 schoolgirls who spotted a famous music idol. And when trouble with their plans arise, they quote someone famous or scripture from the Bible. Bell, stop bragging about how good you are, and find a job that better suits you, like “King of Ridgeway”.

Finally, I would like to mention that there is progress and some growth within the County Council. After watching the county administrator do what he is told and not what he thinks is good for the county, I am promoting him to the ranks of members of the Apocalypse. In my opinion, there are now 6 members destroying Fairfield County. I pray that the next election will turn the tide.

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. (Chairman, you should think about this quote.)

Mrs. Robinson got her money. Mr. Davis wants his money and the Forgotten 58 are still waiting for their money!

Joe Novaro


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