Letter: The “Monopoly of Force”

There exists in Iran and much of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course China and Russia the State’s  “monopoly of force’.

In other words the State has all the guns with the literal power of life and death, and the people are disarmed and physically powerless.

This psychological state of being leads to respective mental impressions of total power and responsibility in the State, verus an acceptance of the lack of physical power and total dependence of the population for protection and life. I do not speak opinion here. These are facts.

What are the dangers of the MOF? The whole experience in Iran comes to mind – cranes hanging protesters. The rise of a total dictator in Russia that has plunged the world into another war. The total suppression of peaceful protesters in China and Canada. The proposed confiscation of farm land in Holland. The draconian covid policies in Australia…..to name just a few.

What can the people of these nations do about those terrible government actions?

Essentially nothing. In the west possibly in a few years vote….. And even if they wanted to do something what could they do – nothing. Big Brother decided for them and that was final. And more importantly, Big Brother has nothing to fear at all because he has the MOF.

The demoralizing “monopoly of force” is real.  And that reality should never be brought here to the United States no matter what pain and suffering some must endure as a result of  gun ownership. Police in the USA still have fear because they do not have the MOF. The possible alternatives are much worse than the price paid.

Robert Hartman


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