Letters: Let’s Zone for Mining

It’s well past time for County Council to be more proactive in protecting its citizens from potential harm from mining operations by implementing a county wide mining zoning ordinance.

County Council should determine where mining operations can be established, to ensure that they do not become a public nuisance, cause harm to our environment. Mining operations should meaningfully contribute to our county. We know what can happen when mining operations attempt to establish themselves in areas where they simply do not fit.

In the past, when a mining operation set its eyes on Fairfield, the citizens rightfully and vehemently protested, then council, bedazzled by the free tote bags, declares it’s powerless to protect its citizens due to The SC Mining Act, and the mining commences.

County Council has a sacred duty to ensure mining/quarry operations will not be a threat to our environment, nor a detriment to public health, safety and welfare. Additionally, Council must have zoning safeguards in place to protect home and property values.

Council should review and revise its entire zoning map to ensure the most appropriate mining operation’s setbacks, buffers, drainage, etc. are already in place before any mining requests are received. Of course, such regulations must not conflict with the South Carolina Mining Act nor should they completely eliminate safe and friendly mining.

County Council must carefully review its mining zoning regs. A full zoning review can secure the maximum protection via the execution of an all-inclusive and common sense mining zone regulation.

Randy Bright


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