Letters: Solve the Shelter Problem

Thank you for your article regarding euthanasia in Lee County. I watch the Fairfield county council meetings online, and I’ve seen employees, volunteers, Kathy Faulk (Hoof and Paw, Fairfield resident), and more all speak about the shelter needing a new facility, spay and neuter laws, and animal abuse cases. Every time in the past, the county council listens and then does nothing. Meanwhile my granddaughter is sending me posts about dogs that will be put down at our shelter 2/17/23 and now 2/24/23 because no one listens to the experts.

Spay and neuter laws will reduce the number of dogs coming into the shelter which will reduce euthanasia rates. It’s really that simple.

Our county gets a lot of negative publicity, but we can be the county that gets it right. I just pray that the new council finally listens.

Carrie Underwood


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