Art on stage at Pine Tree Playhouse

WINNSBORO – Audience members who attend any of The Pine Tree Playhouse performances or musical revues are used to seeing spellbinding drama or lyrical music. On March 5, the PTP audience will have a chance to see a different kind of art that is no less spellbinding or lyrical.

On that day, the playhouse will feature a one-night-only art gallery. The gallery will showcase the works of West Columbia area artist and actress Ashley Bevensee, last seen on the PTP stage as Grandmama in the Addams Family Musical. Bevensee was also the creative mind behind the set for that musical and the creative arm behind most of the set decorations (including the creepy wall paintings.)

Guests can peruse the art beginning at 3:30 p.m. and the art auction will take place at 4 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the theater activities. Donations are also accepted if patrons do not care to purchase artwork.

Currently living in West Columbia, Bevensee was born in Syracuse, NY where she was raised by her grandparents. She is married and the mother of two boys, ages 7 and 11

Bevensee dabbles in many different media, but she says her best pieces are acrylic or charcoal.

‘I’ve been a creator for as long as I can remember,”.

She says it all began with finger painting and coloring books, she quickly developed a passion for the release of emotion onto a canvas. She said she remembers when she was younger, thriving on learning about Vincent Van Gogh.

“He suffered so much and created such beauty that the world still views today,” she said. ‘Art is complex. It is feeling, it is emotion, it is ever adapting, changing, evolving. I aim to take such emotion, no matter the emotion it may be, and express it through my art.”

‘I also want to spread happiness with my art, the awe and wonder of what someone can do with a pencil or a paint brush,” she said. “And although my work pales in comparison to the work of the fine artists out there, I still have joy in the moment someone sees a piece I have done and relishes in the beauty they may find.”

“There has never been much of a theme in my work, typically always evolving, flowing, and ebbing with the wave of emotions that continuously shift from day to day. The world is a crazy place and my mind is a much crazier place.  I express that through my work.

“I currently create in the free time that I have in my work schedule and my two boys’ schedules,” she said.

After submitting paintings into the South Carolina State Fair fine art competition each year Bevensee recently won a merit award for her painting of the Union Pacific steam locomotive #4014.

“The painting, called ‘The Big One,’ took three months to complete. I used three acrylic paint colors: white, black, and a light blue.

“Inspired by a dear friend and train enthusiast, the painting was my pride and joy, and to this day it resides in my friend’s home. His smile and love for the painting was more than any award I could win.”

The one-night art show and sale showcasing Bevensee’s works on March 5 will feature a different – but still special – kind of art on stage.

The Pine Tree Playhouse is located at 230 S. Congress Street, Winnsboro, S.C.

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