Letter: Thanks to All Who Helped Me

While I have a chance I want to say thank you to persons who recently made a blessed difference in my life.

On Feb. 3, 2023 between 7-8 a.m., I became very ill. I had acute severe abdominal pain that would not subside. I called 911.

I told the dispatch woman why I was calling. She did a brief evaluation.

There was no family or neighbors close by to call. It was Jesus, me and the voice on the phone.

I gave her all the information I could between gasps, groans, and painful breaths. She assured me EMS was on the way. I had made it to my bed before Icalled. I could not sit up, stand or turn myself.

I told her how to get in the house. Some would say her job was done. But in a very calm voice she said “If you don’t mind, I’m going to stay on the phone until they arrive.”

And she did.

I remember holding my cell phone in my hand and talking to her, but it was as though she was holding my hand. In her voice was compassion and comfort.

I called my daughter before I called 911 but she was not close enough and called one of my grandsons. He arrived just before EMS.

The paramedic and nurse ask a brief moment of questions then they positioned me carefully onto a lift mat from the bed to the stretcher. I caught the jacket of the one on my right side and squeezed trying to press through my pain.  It had increased to the point of nausea.

If these people had not been a part of my life at that moment in time and responded in the manner they did, my medical outcome could have been very different. I have since had surgery and by the Grace of God recovering well at home.

I can still remember the voice on the phone, the faces, but I don’t know their names.  All of these people were strangers to me but – used by God – they were my help.

When I hear and see all the division, hate, so many people practicing supporting and encouraging racism. In my heart I feel sorrow for them wasting this precious gift of life in unfruitful actions.

My ancestors, my color, nothing I have accomplished, or think I know could help me in my time of need, no one but God, and those strangers.

So while I have a chance I want to say thank you to the 911 control centers and emergency medical centers,  not only them but thank you to every person God has allowed to be a part of my life’s journey.


Bertha Goins


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