Letter: Which Would You Rather Have?

I agree 100% with Randy Bright’s letter to the editor that appeared in the June 29 edition of The Voice. A qualified administrator needs to be hired ASAP. Notice the word used was ‘qualified,’ someone interested in and capable of turning things around for progress.

The wastewater / water / natural gas utilities should be the greatest concern in Fairfield County to entice any industries interested in locating. Every non-essential prior project should be immediately halted & economic growth focused on. The county, in the past couple of years, has neglected the ‘needed’ for the ‘wanted.’ That foolish behavior has to stop in order for there to be progress.

You cannot create economic growth by building recreation centers and spending the funds to maintain them. Many folks of age in Fairfield County who have been very successful in life grew up playing sports in back yards.

Until the county has the income to be able to afford the luxuries, it needs to stop spending on them.

If your house was broken into, caught on fire, or you were hurt, what would you rather have – police, firetruck, ambulance or an indoor basketball goal?

Calvin Kennedy

Property owner in Fairfield County

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