Cancer screenings available to Fairfield County men

WINNSBORO – In South Carolina, the American Cancer Society estimates 33,440 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2022 with over 92 new cancer cases diagnosed each day, while an estimated 10,850 South Carolinians will die from cancer in 2022.

Fairfield County has some of the highest cancer mortality rates in the state. Fairfield County ranks 2nd highest in the state of South Carolina for breast cancer mortality, 4th highest for prostate cancer mortality, 31st highest for lung cancer mortality, and 24th highest for colorectal cancer mortality.

The South Carolina Cancer Alliance developed a Men’s Cancer Initiative to address the disproportionate burden of cancer among African American Men. If men are screened and diagnosed at an early stage, many of these deaths can be avoided.

To encourage men to be screened, the Alliance is partnering with the Fairfield County Cancer Network to navigate men to a medical professional.

If you are interested in joining the efforts of the Fairfield County Cancer Network, call 803-238-0785.

Contact us: (803) 767-5711 | P.O. Box 675, Blythewood, SC 29016 | [email protected]