Letter: Eagles Glen POA Questions Mayor’s Info Source

We, the Executive Board of the Eagles Glen Property Owners Association (EB of EGPOA), are writing in response to information conveyed in your article “Council sets goals for 12-24” published in the January 12, 2023 edition of The Voice of Blythewood. Specifically, we would like to respond to a statement quoted from Franklin (Mayor Bryan S. Franklin) that “Most of the residents of Eagles Glen subdivision can’t wait to be a part of Blythewood.”

The Executive Board of EGPOA has made no formal endorsement of a proposal for annexation of Eagles Glen into the Town of Blythewood, nor has a request for such an endorsement been received by the Executive Board. No formal survey of the residents has been made by the EB, nor has any member of the EB received a survey or inquiry from the Town of Blythewood or any third party consulting service regarding this issue.

We recognize that the issue of annexation is of interest to our residents; however, we believe the Mayor’s statement is premature at this time, and we are unsure of the source of his information regarding the support of annexation by our residents. We welcome inclusion in further discussions of this proposal as we are proud to represent our neighborhood residents in all matters that impact the quality and future of our neighborhood, the Town of Blythewood and Northeast Richland County.

Executive Board of Eagles Glen Property Owners Association: George Burley (President), Jewel Connor, Nestor Cunningham, Mark Lowe, Peter Millar, Deborah Millar (Treasurer), Pamela Parnell (Secretary), Patrick Stack (Vice President), Keri Thomas

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