Blythewood schools’ scores exceed SC

BLYTHEWOOD – Blythewood area schools saw continued improvement on the 2023 SC Ready results, according to the S.C. Department of Education. SC Ready measures readiness in English-Language Arts (ELA) and Math in grades 3 through 8

In most grade levels, more Blythewood students met or exceeded expectations this year compared to 2022. Most schools also bested state results, in some cases by double-digit percentage points, data show.

CFKN is Top Elementary Performer

Once again the Center for Knowledge North (CFKN) at Muller Road led Blythewood elementary schools, with 81.2% of students meeting or exceeding expectations in English-Language Arts, besting the state average by 26 percentage points.

CFKN also reported nearly 82% of elementary students meeting or exceeding expectations in Math.

The strong results fell shy of last year’s numbers, though, when CFKN reported 82.1% (English-Language Arts) and 86.1% (Math) of students meeting or exceeding expectations, according to the data.

Round Top, Bethel Hanberry and Sandlapper elementary schools all improved in English-Language Arts over last year, with Round Top rising nearly 14 percentage points:

Round Top – 65.9% to 79.93%

Bethel Hanberry – 60% to 62.2%

Sandlapper – 51.4% to 52.8%

Round Top also gained in Math, rising from 63.7% to 65.6% meeting or exceeding expectations.

Sandlapper gained in Math as well, climbing from 41.8% to 46.76%. Bethel Hanberry remained virtually constant, settling in at 59.87% meeting or exceeding expectations.

Langford Elementary dropped slightly from last year, with students meeting or exceeding expectations in English-Language Arts dripping down from 53.56% to 53.46%. Students meeting or exceeding expectations in Math slid from 52.7% to 51.3%.

Among middle schools, Blythewood Middle reported strong gains in both subject areas.

Students meeting or exceeding expectations in English-Language Arts rose from 59.4% to 67.67%. In Math, results rose from 32.2% to 42.47% meeting or exceeding expectations.

Middle Schools

Blythewood Middle easily eclipsed state averages of 51.16% (English-Language Arts) and Math (33.06%).

Muller Road Middle also bested the state in English-Language Arts (58.1% vs. 52.1%), but eked by in Math with 33.66% meeting or exceeding expectations.

Kelly Mill Middle reported 53.87% meeting or exceeding expectations in English-Language Arts, besting the state. But Kelly Mill Middle fell short in Math with only 23.2% meeting or exceeding expectations, a six-point dropoff from last year, according to the data.

Elementary grade data for Kelly Mill was incomplete because only 13 third graders and 18 fourth graders took the test.

“If the number tested is less than 20, no other statistics appear,” the Department of Education website states.

Of the 21 fifth graders tested, 71.4% in English-Language Arts and 57.1% in Math met or exceeded expectations, eclipsing the state averages by double digits in both subject areas.


Blythewood area trends were consistent with increases throughout the district, according to a Richland Two news release.

“Students demonstrated strong gains in ELA for the third straight year in Richland Two,” the release states. “The district has erased the COVID-19 learning loss and increased scores since the pre-pandemic year in 2019, in almost all grade levels.”

The state also released results for SC PASS, which tests knowledge in science in grades 4 and 6.

SC PASS is used to evaluate students in science and social studies in grades 4 through 8. However, in recent years the General Assembly has greatly reduced the scope of SC PASS exams.

“Pursuant to Act 94, the SCPASS Science assessment is administered statewide to students in grades four and six,” the Department of Education website states. “[A] state proviso suspended Science testing for students in grade eight. SCPASS Social Studies is no longer administered.”

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