Letter: I Apologize to the Community

During the last county council meeting, as many of you know, I was escorted out of the meeting.

 The reason for that was my excessively strong reaction to a council member continually talking and laughing while I was addressing council during public comment time. As frequently happens now to me and other speakers, when we step up to address council, one or more council members or administrators began laughing and talking to each other, letting it be known that they are not paying us any attention. This rude activity of those at the dais does not show up on the video because the camera is on the speaker.

Council members are quick to complain if anyone in the audience makes any comment the council members don’t like, but they have no problem disrespecting and disregarding community members who address their council representatives.

It’s frustrating, and I’m sorry that I let it get to me. I just lost it!

I know that my words have offended several people and I am sorry for that. I’m not apologizing for responding to the behavior from the folks at the dais. I do, however, apologize for the way I responded with offensive words and an overly strong tone. To all the good people I offended, please accept my humble apology.

In the future, I will remain civil and calm while at the podium, but I will not cower. I hope council members and administrators will also show respect for speakers and others in the audience in the future and not talk and distract during our opportunities to speak, just as they expect respect for themselves.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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