Saluting 100 years of the Tin Man

Current Ridgeway Mayor Heath Cookendorfer, right, with former mayors Charlene Herring and Rufus Jones under the Ridgeway’s iconic water tower during its 100th anniversary celebration. | Photos: Barbara Ball

RIDGEWAY – Three Ridgeway mayors reigned over the 100th anniversary celebration of the Town’s Tin Man water tower on Saturday. Current Mayor Heath Cookendorfer introduced the two previous mayors who shared stories about the tower.

County Councilman Dan Ruff, representing Ridgeway, thanks SC House Rep. Annie McDaniel for funds to refurbish tower.

Former Mayor Rufus Jones laughed as he told about how one morning during his youth, the town’s folk woke up to a small goat walking around the catwalk of the tower.

“I won’t say who got that goat up there,” Jones said. “But it was Bubba Edmunds and Ricky Miles and another guy.” With that, everyone began laughing and calling out Rufus who, it turned out, was the other guy.

Former Mayor Charlene Herring talked about the tower being a beacon for the town.

“People in town often say that when Highway 21 was the route home from Charlotte, as they came down that big hill, miles from Ridgeway, that they could see the water tower and knew they were almost home,” Herring said.

Ridgeway mayor Heath Cookendorfer welcomes guests to Tin Man anniversary ceremony.
The Ridgeway town councilmembers and SC House Representive Annie McDaniel christen the refurbished tower with water in bottles with the tower logo.

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