Letter: So the Citizens are the Cancer?

Yet another county council meeting passed on Monday without any explanation of how the county, for 5 years, violated IRS rules that ultimately cost us taxpayers over $1.4 million. One member defended former interim Administrator Laura Johnson by reiterating that the IRS fines had to be paid or they could seize our assets. That is not the point!

The point is, for 5 years the county failed to follow IRS rules.  WHY?!?  Worse, several council members took the opportunity to chastise us citizens.  We apparently are a cancer.  We who pay a lot of taxes are a malignant tumor killing the county. We are also spreading “misinformation” according to another council member, because we don’t know what they know. No kidding!

You want to stop “misinformation”, then tell us the truth. Tell us the reality. Without the truth we are left with partial facts, rumors, past history and our imagination.  And where does that get us?  Right where we are now, with citizens who want answers, a council who continues not to answer them, and fruitless finger pointing.

Only you, elected council members, can remove this cancer from Fairfield County.

Don Goldbach

Lake Wateree

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