Eagles look sharp at Back Woods Quail Classic

JT Wilkes, Aaron Geddens and Benjamin Clowney finished in fifth place in the Senior Advanced Division. | Contributed

GEORGETOWN – Richard Winn’s sporting clay team took to Georgetown over the weekend for the Back Woods Quail Club tournament, their third tournament in the 2024 give-tournament series.

Abby Lewis hit 94 of 100 clays on the day to take 1st place.

Sophomore shooter Abby Lewis took home the medal for Highest Overall in the Senior Advanced division. Hitting 94 of 100 targets on the day, Lewis finished in first place out of 35 female shooters in the division, and third overall in the Senior Advanced Division. Logan Hall finished first out of male and female shooters, just two ahead of Lewis with 96 shots hit.

Lewis shot with senior teammate Ella Grace Harrison, who hit 85 for fifth place on the day with female shooters.

Richard Winn’s team of Benjamin Clowney, JT Wilkes and Aaron Geddens finished in fifth place in the Senior Advanced division with a score of 262. Clowney shot 91, Wilkes hit 90, and Geddens rounded out their team score with 81 hits. Rocky Knoll took first place with a score of 268.

TJ Knight, Dylan Albert and Hoffman Sharpe finished in third place in the JV 1st Year Division. Knight shot a 97, Albert hit 88, and Sharpe hit 87 for a combined score of 272, just five behind first place finishers Turkey Hill.

Monty Sharpe, Cooper Rast, and Hud McClean finished second place in the intermediate first year division. Charlotte Lewis and Ember Smith finished first place in the Ladies’ Rookie division.

The Eagles will return to their home course, Rocky Creek Sporting Clays, in March for the fourth tournament in the series.

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