Letter: Speak Up, Council Members

After viewing the Fairfield County council meeting of Feb. 12, 2024, it appears that Chairman Pauley does not know the difference between a chairperson and a dictator. There are six other voices on the council and it’s very sad that only two were bold enough to speak up against the bully-type antics of the chairman. For those two (Mr. Ruff and Ms. Swearingen), I tip my hat for speaking out their true opinions and standing up in the best interest of the citizens.

Mr. Pauley made an accusation that someone prompted other council persons to come to the meeting to embarrass the council by speaking up on issues. If a citizen or citizens approached either or any council member with a citizen or council concern, they would not be doing what they were elected to do if they did not bring that concern before the council. Does Mr. Pauley think that he should dictate what does or does not concern the citizens or which concerns to or not to discuss?

On another note, what happened to Mr. Ruff’s request for a forensic audit? Considering the IRS financial difficulties date back to the previous term of council and there’s been no defined answer as to why this happened, why has the forensic audit been hushed? Is there something no one wants brought to light? Should this be buried and forgotten or it deserve an answer? I would think any sound minded, rational thinking citizen would like to have an answer, thus, why the silence?

It’s time for our chair to stop worrying about getting his feelings hurt and start transacting business in a business-like fashion and doing what is in the best interest of the citizens.

Calvin Kennedy

Fairfield County Property Owner

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