Could Blair become a municipality?

WINNSBORO – There is a movement to see Blair, in western Fairfield County, become an official town, not just an unincorporated community.

Blair resident Brandon Henderson outlined his desire to Fairfield County Council Monday night to see the western Fairfield County community incorporate into a full-fledged municipality.

Henderson said he’s been studying incorporation for about 10 years, with those efforts accelerating in recent years after the COVID-19 pandemic. The flash point for him was seeing a friend’s home burn down.

“Fire trucks had to come from Newberry. I couldn’t figure out why fire trucks had to come from Newberry. We need to do something about that,” he said.

Henderson said he’s finished about 90% of the required feasibility study, and has consulted the county sheriff and voter registration.

He’s also looking for intergovernmental agreements with the county government for services already provided by the county to Blair to continue post-incorporation.

“We need, at minimum, to know that basic services will be kept as they are right now,” Henderson said.

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