Letter: Mayor Griffin Apologizes for Erroneous Vote

To Councilman Brock, Councilwoman Page, and the citizens of Blythewood,

I sincerely apologize for an error made during a recent vote regarding reimbursement at Monday night’s council meeting. Regrettably, amidst grappling with a severe migraine during roll call, I mistakenly voted against what I intended to support. I wish to clarify my stance and express my full support for reimbursing legal fees, including Councilman Brock’s, for any individual serving our community.

During our deliberations, I voiced strong convictions regarding the importance of providing legal assistance to those representing our citizens, unless proven guilty. It is my firm belief that all members of our council, as well as our staff, should have access to legal representation when necessary. Thus, I advocate for the approval of Councilman Brock’s reimbursement for $2,639.25 and extend this support to anyone else in similar circumstances.

As Mayor of Blythewood, I consider it a privilege to serve our town, and I acknowledge the responsibility to own up to mistakes. Once again, I extend my sincerest apologies to my colleagues, Councilman Brock, Councilwoman Page, and to the residents of our community for any confusion caused.

With humility and dedication,

Mayor Sloan J. Griffin, III

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