Letter: Shelter Staff Needs Support

At Monday’s regular Fairfield County Council meeting I spoke during the public comment section on the animal ordinance.  After reviewing what I said, I don’t think the message I meant to convey was clear.  As stated when I began, I wasn’t totally prepared to speak to this subject, and unfortunately I met that expectation. 

My first impression of the shelter was that the staff is being asked to do more than is reasonable in caring for the animals, along with all the other tasks they must handle.  My description of my visit was in no way intended to shine a negative light on Director Shaw and her staff.  Just the opposite, I meant to convey a message to Council that the shelter and staff need more support.  A new shelter would be years in the making but is something that should be planned for and funded.  In the meantime, I would hope Council would find funding to provide the needed resources to alleviate the burden on the staff, and create more humane living conditions for the animals.

Don Goldbach

Fairfield County District 2 resident

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