Blythewood Farmers Market opens April 17

BLYTHEWOOD – The Blythewood Farmer’s Market will open at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17, in celebration of the market’s ten-year anniversary. The celebration will include a live band and food trucks, complete with a champagne toast.

“We’re excited to let people know we’ve been serving for 10 years now, and really have grown so much,” says market manager Michaela Barno. “We’re in the park, which is such a great place to enjoy.

“Families are at the playground, they’re coming to and from the music school, they’re in between school and work and baseball and soccer practices, and they’re coming by the market and getting their groceries, and so it’s a central part of the atmosphere of what Blythewood is going to be as it continues to grow.”

Among her hopes for the market as it enters its second decade are that it will become a central place for education for those who wish to learn about food-related skills like gardening, raising chickens in the back yard, baking, and canning.

Barno says she would also like to start a farm-to-table dinner in Blythewood and hopes that the town will build a permanent market pavilion in the park in the near future.

“Our tagline is that we are Blythewood’s marketplace for homegrown groceries,” Barno says. “We love our local grocery stores, too, but farms are a part of the Blythewood history and legacy, and we want to keep it that way.

“The Farmer’s Market is an experience – entertainment and shopping in the great outdoors – right here in downtown Blythewood.”

Contact us: (803) 767-5711 | P.O. Box 675, Blythewood, SC 29016 | [email protected]