Letter: Animal Shelter Needs County’s Support

Our local animal shelter is in dire need of help due to overcrowding. The only reasonable solution is a new facility, but in the meantime other actions could be implemented to help alleviate current concerns. In regards to Animal Control, I have had recent discussions with Ms. Joanne Shaw, Ms. Rosemarie Wright and Ms. Jodi Thompson.

It is my understanding that Ms. Shaw has met with the council committee handling animal control, Ms. Wright recently emailed her concerns to all council members and it is worth mentioning that only 2 council members responded to these concerns. The responses were very short saying they will be speaking to the issue. Ms. Thompson, Ms. Wright and myself are avid supporters of the shelter and work diligently in our community collecting donations and items of necessity.

As director of Fairfield Animal Control, Ms. Shaw has reviewed and researched the changes needed to help make the citizens of our county better educated on adoption, pet ownership, and enforcement of ordinances. She has proposed some very efficient and effective strategies, that if implemented, could help curb ongoing constraints that tie their hands. She has proposed to the council ideas that can be effective in helping citizens take better care of pets and stray animals.

The following are suggestions on the behalf of constituents:

With only one vet available with limited hours of operation, having a part-time vet on staff would be a tremendous help. The licensing of animals would help in returning the ones “at large” back to owners, and help with proving ownership when abuse cases are investigated.

Finding an alternative in caring for court case animals, seeing as this can become a long term liability to the shelter.  Animal Control staff could attend the Criminal Justice Academy and become Class 3 officers. This would enable them to write tickets pertaining to animal control encouraging responsible pet ownership. It has been the citizens hope for a long time coming, that suggestions such as the above, be seriously considered and funded in the budget. The most effective solution would be plans for a new shelter. Please consider visiting the shelter and writing in with your concerns to the interim administrator and the county council members at Fairfield County Government Complex, 250 N Walnut Street, Winnsboro, South Carolina 29180.

Ann Corrao, Fairfield County District 2

Jody Thompson and Rosemarie Wright, Citizens of Fairfield County

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