Town of Winnsboro to host May 8 meeting on growth

WINNSBORO – The Winnsboro Town Council will hold a community meeting to discuss the community growth with residents. The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 8, at the Armory. As Councilman Danny Miller stated in the last Town Council meeting, “The Town residents are the stakeholders, we need to have a meeting to give the stakeholders an opportunity to voice their opinion.”

The meeting, which will include Fairfield County Council, was requested by Miller to be a “Community meeting with the appropriate leadership prepared to facilitate a discussion.”

“With Scout coming to Blythewood, the Town of Winnsboro will begin to experience growth pressures. In fact, we are already receiving a number of inquiries from developers,” said Town Manager Jason Taylor. “We need to grow, but we need to grow in a responsible, sustainable manner. We want to grow in such a way that the new developments that may be approved, will complement and enhance our community.” 

The changes that are coming have the potential to have a profoundly positive impact on both Winnsboro and Fairfield County.  We welcome investment in our community. Investment is necessary to insure that our local economy can thrive.

“We have lost over 12% of our population in the last decade and we have an aging population,” said Mayor John McMeekin. “Fairfield Central High School has decreased from a 4A to a 2A status, through no fault of their leadership. The youth have simply fled our County in favor of the growing urban areas with more attractive amenities and better job opportunities. This population decline means the cost of maintaining services falls upon a smaller number of remaining citizens, which is not sustainable. For our County and Towns to thrive in the immediate future and for the next 100 years, we must prepare and embrace orderly and well planned growth. This growth will increase the quality of life and decrease the cost of services for all citizens.”

The Armory is located at 300 Park Street in Winnsboro.

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