Letter: Experience Counts, Elect Gaddy

There are several very significant elections coming up, not the least of which is the election for a new Clerk of Court.  Our Esteemed current clerk, Judy Bonds, is retiring after a successful run. Christon Gaddy, an established member of the office, is running for the seat.

As a retired attorney, I have a perspective different from the general public.  As a visitor with business virtually weekly when I was in active law practice, I can say that the Fairfield County
Clerk of Court’s office is truly a hidden gem in our County.  I have had the experience dealing with a number of Clerk’s offices around the State, and ours is head and shoulders above any others.  Anybody who comes to the office with business is promptly taken care of, or at least leaves with a solution in hand.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the office.  Clerk Bonds once told me when she was running that, “This isn’t a position; it’s a JOB.”  And she was right.  But for the Clerk, we wouldn’t have records of our property, the Courts wouldn’t run, and a hundred other things that affect our daily lives.  The only way to preserve the efficiency of the office is through continuity.  The only way to achieve continuity is to elect Ms. Gaddy.

I don’t know anyone else who is running.  I do know that with Ms. Gaddy, the Clerk’s office’s high standards will remain at the highest level.  I’m voting for Christon!

Ross Burton


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