Choose Wisely

Barring a last-minute write-in miracle on Nov. 18, this Tuesday’s Democratic primary will almost certainly be The Election for Fairfield County Sheriff. The candidates have stumped and speechified, they have littered yards and highways with signs and billboards proclaiming their electability, they have had their faces plastered on nearly everything but milk cartons from Mitford […]

Ramblin’ Rec

For all the mysteries and perplexities in which the mechanics of Fairfield County’s $24.06 million bond issue have been shrouded – some, if not all, of which may hopefully be vanquished forever into the Realm of Misunderstanding by the close of Council’s Monday night meeting – one thing that has been abundantly clear from the […]


Fairfield County is about to be rich. Filthy, stinking, greasy rich. Regardless of the arguments for or against nuclear energy, in five years or so, when the first of two new reactors is expected to come on line in Jenkinsville, Fairfield will be the John D. Rockefeller of S.C. counties. But it is going to […]

Passing the Torch

Too often it is all too true, that phrase that rings with regret, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” But Fairfield County did know, we think, what they’ve had at the top of their Sheriff’s Office for the last 22 years, and Herman Young’s six consecutive successful bids for that office seem […]

Reinforce Public Trust

Although government may indeed work best when it works least, for it to work at all – fairly, equitably and justly – it should work, with only the rarest of exceptions, in the full light of day. In the open. In public. And in a place most easily accessible by the most people, striving always […]

Fashion Police State

We, as Americans, enjoy a great many rights in this country – the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, trial by jury, and so forth. Not counted among these rights, for which so many sacrificed so much for our benefit, is the right to not be offended. While our […]

Zoning is Everything

For residents of the Rockton Thruway, Middlesix and surrounding Winnsboro communities, who for weeks now have been fighting to keep Winnsboro Crushed Stone from crushing any stone in the hills beyond their back yards, the prospect of a new granite quarry in their neck of the woods is looking more and more like a foregone […]

Law? What Law?

Laws, rules and regulations are not always easy to follow. There are all sorts of prohibitions on the books that, unless one devoted significant time researching them, one would not know they exist – washing your mule on Sunday, for example, or keeping squirrels for gambling purposes or when and where to publicly flog one’s […]

No News is Bad News

There is a common misconception among some consumers of mass media that news comes in two flavors – “Good” and “Bad.” And while it may be true that some purveyors of news overly sensationalize the gritty tales of corruption, murder and violence, it is also true that those same stories attract more eyeballs, move more […]

Google Goggles

Choosing the right leadership is no walk in the park, and as the Fairfield County School District proved last fall when the football team’s defensive coordinator was popped on marijuana charges, even apparently good choices can have an overlooked past that catches up to them. When that sort of thing happens, the blowback always lands […]

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