R2 Board Reviews Charter School

RICHLAND — The Richland 2 Charter School reported during the Richland 2 School Board’s regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night at Longleaf Middle School that the school is open to junior and senior students who have good standing in discipline and academics. Thirty-four of the 40 seniors graduated this year with the same standards that all […]

Common Core 101

The Common Core State Initiative was adopted by South Carolina in 2010 without much fanfare. Its goal is to create standards for learning and testing that are uniform across the nation. Under Common Core guidelines, a student in Boise, Ida. who moved to Atlanta would pretty much pick up where she left off in her […]

Bye-Bye Brochu, Hello Opportunity

From the beginning of Katie Brochu’s employment as Superintendent of Richland 2, the Board articulated, and it was a part of Brochu’s employment contract, that she was expected to become a significant thread in the fabric of the Richland 2 community. Earning nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year, she never purchased a […]

R2 Board Drafts Goals

The Board held a goal-setting session at its Tuesday night meeting. The agenda included an executive session to discuss personnel, legal and contractual matters and the opportunity to vote, but the Board chose not to vote, presumably saving that for the next regular scheduled Board meeting to be held May 28 at Polo Road Elementary […]

Board Silent on Construction

The Richland 2 School Board met Tuesday night at Polo Road Elementary. Notably absent from the agenda was a Facility Report. No information on the building of Elementary School #19 or the new Student Education Center on Clemson University Extension or the District Office Renovation was covered during the meeting. While also not reported during […]

R2 Board OK’s 9.1 Mill Hike

The Richland 2 School Board met for a special called Meeting – or maybe it was a work session – Tuesday night. They didn’t seem to know which it was. The District’s own publicity called it both. The Chairman called the ‘work session’ to order saying he hoped it would be no more than an […]

R2 Board Needs Better Budget Prep

The second public hearing for next year’s Richland 2 general fund budget was to begin at 5 p.m., Tuesday evening, at Westwood High School. Unfortunately, the public hearing was almost over before the Board even mustered a quorum. While there were several in the audience, not much of an effort was made by Board members […]

Marathons are timed events

Nearly three years ago, the Richland 2 community began hearing the phrase, “This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” First said by Superintendent Katie Brochu, then cabinet members and now district staff – it is the response whenever this question is posed: “When will we see measurable results from all the new initiatives that […]

Property Secured for Secret Project

Two items particularly perked my ears at the Tuesday night Richland 2 School Board meeting, held at Polo Road Elementary School. First, under Contractual Matters, the Board voted unanimously to accept a motion giving Superintendent Katie Brochu the right to secure a ground lease for 26 acres of land for a 99 year lease. While […]

Manning Questions Fees

During closing comments at the March 26 Richland 2 School Board meeting, held at Conder Elementary School, Board member James Manning continued his pressure on the Board to track and disclose professional development fees. Manning said the Board should have empirical evidence to support the amount spent and received for professional development. The rest of […]

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