A Race Well Run

By the time you read this, a winner will have been chosen to represent the Democratic Party on the November ballot for S.C. House District 41. Win or lose, I want to express my most sincere appreciation and gratitude for the support and encouragement extended to me during this primary election process. I shared the ballot with four individuals who all expressed the same thing – a desire for a well-represented district. The race has been conducted with courtesy and respect, something that seems to be lacking in some campaigns these days. I applaud all who are willing to step up and serve.

To those who voted for me: Many thanks for that vote of confidence.

To those who cast their vote for another candidate, I am also grateful. It is a reminder of a freedom that grants us the privilege to choose people to make our voices heard. As we approach this Fourth of July holiday, let this be a reminder of those who stand on soil around this world to protect this freedom, and especially those who served and gave their lives for this privilege. This is indeed a privilege for all of us and should not be taken for granted. We are a blessed people.

Again, many thanks for this opportunity as I have met and made many new friends during this run. I’m already a winner in that regard. I count it an honor to be on a ballot for District 41. If elected during this Democratic primary runoff, I seek your help as we move toward the November election. I encourage you to become a player in the affairs of our communities and not just an observer. These are urgent times. Your ideas and opinions matter.

MaryGail Douglas

District 41 candidate


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