Letter: Firefighters Needed

My wife and grandchildren baked cookies recently and delivered them to the EMT and Fire department #215. We learned that the firemen were nowhere to be found. This led me to contact the administration office of the county. And that is when I was advised… “Our full-time firefighter assigned to that station was on approved […]

Letter: Former Mayor Enraged at Current Councilmen

 I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in your vote last night!  I just don’t get it, $5000 for the year (little over $400/month) to house the cultural groups and the chamber.  Not to mention the “Visitor Center” component! We have squandered so much more money on other things in the past, just look […]

Letter: Bell Confuses Meeting Minutes with Voice Article

We applaud Councilman Moses Bell for clearly revealing his Priority One at Monday’s (11/11) council meeting. Mr. Bell’s zeal to be a newspaper critic instead of a constructive councilman was quite evident Monday evening when he reverted to his self-appointed role as “The Voice Denigrator” during council’s discussion of the minutes from the previous council […]

Zoning Battle Continues

I wanted to write to say “thank you” and “congratulations” to the residents of the Rimer Pond Community for making their collective voice heard at the last meeting of the Richland County Planning Commission. The Voice also deserves praise for covering the continuing battle so thoroughly and getting the information out to their readers. While […]

Dog Story Touches Nerve

First of all let me extend my congratulations to The Voice for publishing this horrible story (“Charges pending in dog starvation,” Jan. 26) and the follow-up in the Feb. 2 newspaper, and a special thanks to the delivery person (if my memory serves me correctly) that reported this case to the proper authorities, to at […]

Animal Tragedy

I was extremely sadden by the picture of the starved dog (Feb. 2).  Were those who lived near her not aware of the dog? Why didn’t they alert animal control?  The woman claimed she could not afford dog food; why not turn the poor dog over to animal control or Fairfield adoption?  This is the […]

Word Games

Am I surprised that I recently received a certified response from the Jenkinsville Water Company to my FOIA request? Yes I am! Am I surprised that most of my request was completely denied with semantics and misleading information? Absolutely not! I asked simply and directly for the same information that board member Preston Peach was, […]

Magic Truck

Alert the news media. Notify Guinness records. Call your friends and neighbors. We have a new attraction in Fairfield County – the Magic Truck owned by the Jenkinsville Water Company President. The Magic Truck had previously demonstrated its special properties by teleporting $10,000 in JWC deposits to who knows where. However, The Magic Truck’s most […]

Money, Money

“We need more money.” This succinct battle cry has become the all too often excuse of underperforming government agencies seeking to avoid accountability. For example, the S.C. Commission on High Education recently automatically invoked the “we need more money” excuse as rationale for inexorably perpetuating 14 months of their failure to vet $534 million in […]

JWC Love Letters

It never ceases to amaze me the length to which the Jenkinsville Water Company and some of its board members will go to present a false picture of bliss and happiness. The water company consists of 800+ members, all of whom are and should be guided by the company’s bylaws. Nowhere in the bylaws does […]

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