Tax Attack

When our current County Administrator was hired, our millage rate was 279.8. The school system’s share was 204.3 and the County’s was 75.5 mils. In 2011, our millage rate was 397.9. The school’s got 264.6, the County got 133.3. In 2012, our Administrator went up to 400.9 millage for taxes. Here is the problem: Our County Administrator has raised taxes 77 percent for the County in the last 10 years and the overall budget 42 percent. He has averaged 7.7 percent per year and I do not think this is legal. Just think, we pay the fourth highest millage rate in the state and get $24 million additional a year from the nuclear plant. Our County Council needs to step up and stop this mad man and let him know this is our tax money, not his. It makes you wonder if the Fairfield County Council ever knows where or why the money is being spent.

J.R. Douglas


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