What Have We Done?

The elections are over, the votes have been counted and the majority rules in this country.

Lets see what we have now?

We have re-elected several people. Maybe y’all know something I don’t . For instance, why would we re-elect people who have a track record of talking and finger pointing? They have not brought one thing they promised to fruition.

Okay, let’s start from scratch. School board members are supposed to improve the board’s track record, not deter from it. So, lets see, the school dropout rate has increased almost every year, the school board has fired and hired how many superintendents in the past eight years? What exactly has improved? And how can we measure it in human success for our students?

If I were a student getting ready to enter the real world I would want to come into it prepared for the challenges ahead. Who will take responsibility for the young men and women graduating this June. No job offers, not prepared for any new careers, no companies are recruiting high school students graduating from Fairfield Central High School to enter their college or university.

Apparently they have more than enough qualified students coming from Lexington and Richland high schools.

One more little thought: why don’t we change the rules and do something unheard of? Like maybe we can actually demand only qualified people can apply (by qualified I mean a proven track record in the field you are applying for) to be on the school board. First I would think you would have to have a background in the education field, an understanding of the school system’s workings from the bottom up, inside and out. Additionally I would think you would have to have some business acumen, a record of being a team player. And a person who brings individual intellectual and mature insight into the mix. Can you imagine if we had a board of qualified members like I just described?

Oh, never mind; the elections are over and so is any chance for real change in this community for the next four years!

But . . . hey, I just gave you food for thought.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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