For Haslett

I’ve known Bill Haslett for a number of years, and I have yet to meet anyone who is more passionate about advancing the interests of Winnsboro and its residents. Bill is a courageous visionary who seeks to improve Winnsboro through his civic leadership, and his advocacy for all its citizens. As a town councilman, Bill’s sense of fiscal responsibility and business expertise has helped steer Winnsboro through difficult economic times. As mayor, Bill would work tirelessly to move the town toward greater economic growth and prosperity.

Bill has visited my art school in Blair many times, and has worked closely with me toward establishing an international art college in Winnsboro. Bill is a strategic thinker and is always willing to discuss new ideas. Bill has tirelessly sought to preserve the heritage of Winnsboro, while simultaneously promoting prosperity for its citizens. He has physically involved himself with clean-up projects to help improve the appearance of the town.

Bill Haslett is a man of vision and leadership, and if elected mayor, the citizens of Winnsboro can count on Bill’s enthusiastic commitment to the town and its residents.

Dru Blair

Blair College of Art


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