Overtaxed, Under-served

Several years ago, the population of Fairfield County voted to allow an extra 1-cent tax to be added to our sales tax of .06 for relief of property taxes on taxpayers. The taxpayers receive very little relief because our County Administrator gives the Town of Winnsboro, Ridgeway and others part of the money collected. I asked a Town of Winnsboro official why they receive $300,000 of the tax relief money and he said it was theirs because the taxes on the sales were in the Town limits.

Taxes are paid for one reason – “services rendered in exchange for the taxes.”

I own a lot of property in the town limits of Winnsboro and receive no services or relief for taxes I pay Fairfield County. The Town supplies power, water, gas, trash pickup and a Public Safety Department. All taxes collected by Fairfield

County, which are higher in the Town limits, should be given to the Town of Winnsboro to improve services and only keep a small amount for collecting.

Money collected on the 1-cent taxes are not applied for tax relief as it should.

J.R. Douglas


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