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I would like to see the County consider the following points regarding the future of the former Voter Registration Office building in downtown Winnsboro:

This property is located in the historic area of Winnsboro and has an abundance of parking, although it is in bad shape. Has the County or the Town of Winnsboro considered purchasing the back parking lot together? With the parking lot upgraded, this area could be a huge asset to the revival of downtown.

The building could be renovated to provide several venues for outside use and also provide the storage space needed by the County. The front of the facility could be converted to a commercial kitchen for use of demonstrations for canning, freezing and processing of vegetables and fruits. This would be great for the local clubs and the entire community. It could also be used in conjunction with the festivals and other special events.

The side walls could be opened up to provide a shelter-like facility for year-round craft sales and yard sales. By providing a central location in the middle of downtown, it would eliminate the scattered sites used by residents to sell produce.

The County and the Town could benefit greatly with the proper development of this strategic piece of property. If the fa├žade was kept in its historic context, improvements made to the building to be used as a community area with a DHEC-certified kitchen, development of the back parking lot, it would prove a useful asset to boost the revival of downtown Winnsboro.

I would appreciate any consideration the County would give to this project.

Betty Gutschlag


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