You Had to Be There

I’m wondering if there was anyone out of the almost 90 people filling the meeting room, at Monday night’s County Council meeting who did not leave perplexed and disappointed. One after another people got up and asked to be spoken to politely and respectfully – that was ignored! They asked for a response to their comments and to have the public included in the conversation. That fell on deaf ears.

They told the Chairman ‘Grow up, this is not a dictatorship and treat people with respect.’ He did not!

He was given the opportunity to apologize and I suppose just couldn’t find a reason for that.

And then, they went on avoiding all the questions and answers attached to the Dawkins metal gymnasium building that is, to this day, sitting in storage. They did admit for the first time they spent $87,000 of the appropriated $500,000 dedicated to the Recreation Commission. They could not answer where the balance went or say if they wanted to give Dawkins that money now.

Leave people too long in their office and all you will get is political patronage. We must and we will remove these people from their office and replace them with local representatives who care about the citizens of Fairfield.

It’s that simple. They have no idea what they are doing. It’s a shame to be represented by such ineptitude. No one knows for sure what happened or what is happening or when it happened.

It’s unbelievable. I’m glad I witnessed it myself. I would have a hard time believing it if someone just tried to explain what they witnessed Monday night.

Jeff Schaffer


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